Rescue Field Operations Guide Apps

When it comes to technical rescue
you've heard this beforeā€¦

It's not a question of IF but a matter of WHEN

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The Rescue FOG app series is designed as a step-by-step Field Operations Guide (FOG) which contains information to ensure the safe and effective assistance of victims. Designed for use by all Emergency Responders when activated to Technical Rescue incidents including:

  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Fire/Rescue Departments
  • Industrial Rescue Teams
  • Law Enforcement
  • Military Personnel
  • Community Emergency Response Teams
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As with any field guide, the detailed information contained in the apps can be used:

  • As a quick reference
  • As a study guide
  • During drills
  • While at training exercises

These uniquely formatted, hazard specific apps could be readily available at your fingertips during an event.