About Rescue FOG

Tech Rescue Corp. is the developer of a series of Technical Rescue apps under the title Rescue FOG. The Rescue FOG icon that appears in the app stores is designed as a toolbox which will contain a library of your topics as they are purchased.

Emergency responders are activated to incidents involving a variety of events which require specific knowledge, skills and equipment. These incidents can be categorized as Technical Rescue Incidents such as Confined Space Rescue, Trench Rescue, Rope Rescue, etc.

There are currently 22 Level 1 apps being developed and they will be available as each topic is completed. These apps are intended to provide emergency response personnel with information and guidance at their fingertips.

Based on the magnitude, specific hazards and safety concerns of an incident, some or all of the information contained in the guides may be referenced.

Our mission is to provide easily accessible information to be used as a quick reference, a study guide, during drills and while at training exercises.

Each app is a complete resource to a specific type of technical rescue response. The guide takes the user step-by-step through operations to function in a safe and efficient manner.

Every app has the same table of contents but information within is specific to the selected topic.

Table of Contents:
  • Determine Need for Rescue
  • Size Up
  • Initiate Specialty Teams
  • Site Control & Scene Safety
  • Scene Management
  • General Hazards
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Resources / Tools
  • Strategies & Tactics
  • Glossary
  • Miscellaneous